Friday, July 17, 2009

To God Be the Glory

The ministry in Ventanas is now complete. The team is packing up and heading for Guayaquil to fly home tonight. God did great things in Ventanas, Ecuador this week. The gospel was presented to 1010 people of which 358 accepted Jesus as their Savior. 299 of these new believers allowed us to do discipleship in their homes. Each evening, Monday thru Wednesday we held "cell group" Bible studies in which 1525 people attended. 10 new churches were planted this week. We praise God for what He did.
Please pray for our team as they come home tonight and for the pastors and leaders of these new churches as they continue to disciple the new believers.
If you know a campaigner, ask them to tell you their story of how God touched their lives. Consider going on a trip with us, it will change your life forever.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Just Need More Information

I have been on foreign mission trips since age 14, that is 40 years now. This trip has been unique for me. For the first time I have experienced many people who were eager and willing to hear the gospel message but just could not make a decision.
It was my joy and delight to have some of those folks in my cell group tonight. They are seeking "more information" before making the decision to follow Christ.
Honestly, when I walked away from their home we still had an open door but I really did not know if they would ever come around.
Please pray that God will call their names and that the Holy Spirit will bring conviction of sin in their lives. The main issues that have clouded their judgement is that they have been taught most of their lives to live a good life, help others and hope for the best. In some communities Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses have already been there and left bad impressions with the people. My prayer is that they will hear the truth and the truth will set them free.

Monday, July 13, 2009

What a Delight!

Delight Davis, a fifteen year old from Calera Baptist, was very excited about what God was going to do in Ventanas. I knew our week was going to be difficult when it took over an hour to drive down rocky roads in the back of a pick-up truck. Two days had passed when I encouraged her to present the Gospel today. When we saw her coming down the road with her team, I told Prisci, my translator, that Delight had a salvation experience. Prisci asked how do you know? I said look at the bounce in her walk. She was 100 yards from us when she began to run to me. She was so excited. Maria was her first convert ever! Praise God.
Posted by Jack Roberts

A Ride Better than Disney World

Tabatha and I were assigned a new church site that is located about 15 miles inside a banana plantation. It is an abandoned Catholic church.
Each day we ride on the back of a banana truck. I was concerned about the ride until we actually rode the first time. That was today.
This morning at breakfast I was given a letter of encouragment and it was from someone that praying for us to enjoy God's creation. What a better way than to enjoy God's creation tnan from the back of a banana truck.
Tabatha and I both agreed that this was one of the best things we have ever done, including going to Disney World. We laughed and cryed.... the banana trees were being watered while we passed by... we got soaked. The main thing that made it the best day ever is that seven people gave their heart to Jesus today.
posted by Kelly Ellison

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Baptism Blessing

Well…today we were invited to a baptism at the river. Actually, my Mom and Mrs. Kelly’s church and our church were doing a joint baptism. During the baptism, each person has to have a witness, which is just like an escort to the water, and someone you are very close to. There was a woman at the very end of the line who didn’t have a witness, and I had noticed that she didn’t have anyone, but didn’t think much of it. Well, a few seconds after I was just thinking about her, my translator, Chris, told me that the woman was asking if I could be her witness. I immediately started tearing up. I just couldn’t comprehend that this amazing opportunity just fell into my lap. I was praying the entire time, asking God why He had blessed me with this honor, because I felt so unworthy. So, that is my ultimate blessing for the week! Blessings! -Samantha

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Let God go before us

This afternoon, we were prayer walking, and Sam had recommended that we pray for a person of peace. God showed up 4 years ago in the life of Anita (that is as close as I can get to her spanish name.) Anita was sent to Ventanas to develop and build a Catholic Church. As Anita built the church and searched the sciptures, God told her to stop worshipping idols. The next day she cleared out the church of all forms of Catholisism. When the priest found out that Anita had accepted Christ, he came and removed all the children from her care. Therefore, we have a catholic church turned Christian, and a community of 200 where there are only 4 Christians in which to present the gospel. We are in the country, on a bannana farm, but we expect to reap a more spiritual harvest. May God prepare their hearts! Please pray for Kelly and I as we teach the mother church how to disciple, because discipleship is their heart. The church is not confined to 4 walls and a roof. Praise God!!!
Tabatha Hyde

We are in Ventanas

Hola from Ventanas, Ecuador. The team arrived just after noon today in Ventanas. The weather here is hot, very hot. After lunch today we met the 10 pastors we are going to work with this week. This afternoon we went prayer walking in our respective church plant sites.
Please pray for us each day as we attempt to reach areas of Ventanas where there is no evangelistic church.
Please continue to read this blog for more information.